Registered Design. Breakfeed trough with pipe frame that is hot dip galvanised.

150 Litre Polyethylene Bowl comes complete with 20ml Hi Lo Ballcock Assembly

Specially designed bowl that sits on ground and flared top so cattle cannot put legs between frame and bowl.

Frame Diameter: 960mm
Depth: 500mm
Bowl: 150 Litre

Will carry approx 200M of 15mm alkathene or 150M of 20mm.  Ideal for regenerative and sustainable farming where stock are moved frequently and a fixed trough doesn’t permit this.  This unit is rolled, rather than dragged, making it more desirable as it reduces pasture damage.

Replacement Bowls are available for both the current ‘flare top’ 150L breakfeed and also the 120L ‘straight side’ older style.

Breakfeed bowl 120L