Very Popular Fun Kayaks, Constructed from UV Rated Polyethylene, safe and stable providing fun for all ages.

Comes complete with twin keels, paddles, safety ropes etc.
Available in a range of colours. Lime Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue, Black, Dark Green, Orange.

Make it yours – pick the Two Tone colours for an additional $20 and you will have your very own personalised Kayak.  No two are exactly alike as with all chemistry – we mix and cook and then we have to …… wait to see what comes out.

Available as; Sekat Kayak One Colour or Two Tone
Stinger Kayak One Colour or Two Tone
Double Kayak One Colour

Bottom of a Sekat

Length: 2700mm | 3900mm (double kayak)
Width: 780mm
Weight: 22kg | 30kg (double kayak)
Carrying Weight: 115kg | 200kg (double kayak)