Designed for Cages, Bins and Stillages that need to be stacked. When fitted, feet aid stacked units to self-align for secure stacking.

“Conical in shape, stillages using these feet are by far the most easily stacked. Fork lift drivers can quickly and efficiently line up stillages. The forklift driver will easily see that two of the pallet feet will be aligned with the pallet below and can be sure that the remaining two feet will drop squarely into place. Care must always be taken to ensure that all stacking points are lined up. However, the pallet will reliably centre itself on each corner post with very little likelyhood that it will be stacked incorrectly.”

Footprint; 100 x 100mm

Top; 50 x 50 mm

Depth; 40mm

Hole; 11mm

These are pressed steel units, 3mm thick – Price $6.50 each excluding GST 200 units available